Welcome to WrzCraft - Small Update May 2017

First of all – I would like to wish a Happy belated Mothers Day to all my patrons. Welcome to my humble little/small site.

I believe its getting a little crowded in here with all the new faces. At the start – I have always wanted a site that is free from ads, just an enjoyable downloading experience from any worries. I am very grateful for all the offers but I would like to maintain the Ads Free environment for as long as I can possible afford. WrzCraft is at the tipping point at the moment – not big enough for a dedicated server but just there. I have upgraded all I possibly can and hope its enough for now. If any of you would like to help out with the cost and maintenance – I will be accepting donations via Bitcoin


Send your vouchers to

[email protected]

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

The second issue would be Uploaded.net
As most of you would know by now, Uploaded.net is on a crusade to do the right thing. They have knights in their Compliance Department who work so hard to make sure that we are not in violations of their term and conditions. Its my due diligence… no duty to inform you that the compliance department would like you to use your premium account only to download things that is not in violation of their terms and conditions.

In other words – I dont really know what they want rofl. I will continue to give you uploaded links as the company ride into the sunset into the arms of Rapidshare. Every time a hosting company gets too rich they will start to find ways and means go the right way. I really dont wanna bash them in any way. The dinosaurs have been here since the age of fileserve/filesonic. Its been a very good run. I will comply with their wishes and add uploaded links under the protection of ouo. As consumers your are entitled to your rights. I will not abandon my premium users but I do apologize for the discomfort you will soon face. Its truly not right for a premium user to go through that ordeal to get links – but if I leave it out in the open – you will have no chance at all. I do have a considerable amount of premium time left and I will see them to the end with you.

I do hope this small update is helpful and hope you continue to enjoy your stay here. I do hope I can offer more in the future – fingers crossed. Thank you for all your support.


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